Tuesday, June 3, 2008

SMEs - why can entrepreneurs not do it (1/2007)

SMEs and entrepreneurs!! It always astounds me how entrepreneurs will not discuss their ideas, plans and strategies. Why not?

It appears that many of them feel it is a risk to talk to friends or business acquaintances because they are worried that their ideas mights be stolen. I have never in 25 years seen someone steal an idea. Why not? What entrepreneurs forget is that we are all unique, and therefore we are all independent in our thinking. What is also important is that we all have a passion for our OWN ideas, seldom each other's ideas.

It requires an investment of passion for most entrepreneurs! If we talked a little more about our ideas and problems to our friends and acquaintances, we might in fact be very pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

Even as a consultant, they are nervous to speak to you.However, invariably once they open up, the flood waters break down the reserves and they talk like someone possessed. The find it refreshing, releasing, informative, and a great sounding board. Try talking to someone other than your spouse or partner about your business, and just see what a difference it makes.

Rob Smorfitt

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