Friday, June 20, 2008

SMEs - the research is valid and correct

I had the pleasure, as part of my PhD research, to interview a successful business owner, as part of my fine tuning of my questionnaire. It was a pleasure because he confirmed so much of my research to date.

Key to his success has been a vision/plan on where he wants to be down the road. He reads a lot, networks at every opportunity and has done some additional skills courses subsequent to leaving school. He funded his own business by initially working in the industry and gaining experience, and then saving until he had enough money to start his own business. He is a strong believer that the point of business is wealth creation not income creation.

Finally he said that he is extremely opportunity aware, and once he has identified a genuine opportunity, he does not delay in making the decision to proceed. He does very little without seeking out possible opportunities, and he is wired for opportunities. He has learned from his peers and through studying, and has full confidence in his skills.All this is directly in line with my research to date, as this man is undoubtedly a natural entrepreneur.This leads me to my next blog. Can we create entrepreneurs?

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