Saturday, June 28, 2008

SMEs - the stress of start up

What do you do if you suddenly find you have sold your business? Yes, it can happen that the process is so quick, that you suddenly find yourself without a business. You have some capital, but not enough to live off, for very long. You need to live off the capital and start a new business really quick before you consume the capital. The pressure you suddenly find yourself under, can reduce your ability to think clearly and inhibit your creative processes.

A quick rule of thumb is to try and start a business that will give you some real income fairly quickly, especially if your capital base is fairly small. Remember that most businesses, particularly business-to-business sales, often have a 3 to 6 month lead time. Do you have enough capital to last 6 months? If not look for a small cash only retail opportunity. This may then cover your living expenses while at the same time preserving your capital for the development of another business with greater growth opportunities.

Once the other business is up and running you can then sell off the small cash retail business or let your wife or kids run it. Remember to ensure it has immediate sales, and no long sales cycles, which invariably means a consumer type product or service. However, even this kind of business, unless a franchise outlet, is likely to become a major source of profit overnight. However, it may generate sufficient cash flow to sustain the business into the profit zone.

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