Saturday, June 28, 2008

SMEs - can entrepreneurship be taught

This is a question that stimulates much debate. As an entrepreneur, I like to think I am unique and that no one can be taught to be like me. Am I correct?

There are two aspects to every entrepreneur. What personality traits/attributes they have, and what skills they have.I have no doubt that the skills an entrepreneur needs can be taught. But the traits of an entrepreneur I believe cannot. The Iceberg Theory says we cannot change peoples' values and beliefs. An entrepreneur has a strong sense of values, such as working hard when necessary, staking it all when the decision looks right. Can we change a person's values by telling them what they should aspire too.

Perhaps not, but perhaps by explaining what they should aspire to, we can assist them in at least having the opportunity to change their values. But at the end of the day the decision is still theirs.

There is no standard test to measure the personality traits of wannabe entrepreneurs in such as way that it can successfully predict their probability of success. I think that there are possibly certain skills that determine the probability of success, but there is a certain innate driving force which true entrepreneurs have which most people do not have.

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