Friday, June 6, 2008

SMEs - a review of 2007 (12/2007)

2007 for me was a reasonably good year. I got a few books published. I got a reasonably good manager in to manage one of my businesses to the point that it is now a source of passive income (Thank you Mr Kiyosaki).

I stretched myself into new areas and did some consulting for an SME agency of another government, which I really enjoyed. I was highly commended for the quality and detail of my work and guaranteed more business. I have since tendered for 14 other tender jobs for 2008, so here is hoping.

I have set clear and very large goals for myself for the next 3 years and I am looking good to achieve them. I achieved those for 2007 (Thanks Bridget).

I had a great time lecturing a postgraduate Honours group at the local university on Global Business. A small challenge as many were HR students, but it was great fun converting them from cost centres to profit centres in the business. Chen and Li from China were avid students and interesting people to talk business with.

I got to relax this Xmas and read a bunch of books, so my book list is also updated. Any one of them would make a good read. A friend lent me a copy of the Kiyosaki Cashflow game which I played with the kids. I think the younger one is ahead of the game on this passive income story, and he is devouring the Trump book at present. Damn and he is only 13. Wish I had that kind of start, but that is progress.

He starts high school (boarding) this coming year. The eldest is 3 months into his law degree in Bristol UK, and hopefully he will excel like he has the ability to do. He will also be rowing and should do well as he has the build and the powerful upper body from kayaking in South Africa. I really love and hate to see them grow up. So only one kid at home (Poor Bridget).

2008 has big goals so it will be a tough year, but remaining focused on the activities and goals should make it happen.I would like to wish all those who read this the best for Xmas and the New Year, and to those for whom this is not applicable a good and prosperous 2008.

For those who want a more African theme to SME's you can find my other blog under . I write both blogs on a weekly basis. They are generally different but on rare occasions there are similarities.

All the best

Rob Smorfitt

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