Thursday, June 5, 2008

SMEs - does it help to read

I am an avid reader of books, magazines, websites, blogs, you name it. I have now added a book list on my blog. No I do not believe everything I read, and most often you might walk away from a book with only one or two thoughts.

But they are very important thoughts more often than not.Gerber's e-Myth has so far given me two thoughts.

Firstly there is the importance of starting businesses to sell them.

Secondly there is the importance of good systems. It was the second one that gave me a wake up call. A friend of mine who I do not see often enough, will invariably tell me how, many decades ago, he was always so impressed with how well I ran my systems, and I have been his role model ever since.Gerber made me realise that I have grown cocky with time, and I rely less on systems than I used to. In other words I have become sloppy.

Gerber gave me a timely wake up call. I have already started getting my systems in place. How good are your systems?And that is why I love to read. Reading alerts me to what I am doing wrong. I normally know what I am doing wrong, but often only subconsciously. Reading makes it conscious thought, and that leads to improvement.

Rob Smorfitt

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