Thursday, June 5, 2008

SMEs - confidence in SMEs

I found an interesting article on another blog site, which had a short story about a poll done in the USA. The interesting part was that the respondents found small business owners the most trustworthy.

One must question why, but it is interesting. I believe that there is a lot of grudging respect for people who own their own businesses. I know of many people who feel frustrated by the fact that they remain in employ. However, they just cannot make the break with a "secure" job, and enter the world of entrepreneurship. Consequently they are extremely frustrated and often resent others who have made the break. There are however still many who have a lot of respect for those who have done the deed.

My one brother has never made the break, despite desperately wanting to own his own business, and having had a number of small businesses on the side where he did make profit. A friend of mine too had always been employed, but had never had entrepreneurial tendencies or desires. Two retrenchments in a row left him with no choice. He now has an incredibly niched business, making branding irons for cattle farmers. I understand he is doing better now financially, than when he was an employee. Life is strange.

Rob Smorfitt

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