Sunday, June 10, 2012

SMEs - the high growth entrepreneur

The SME owner who is also a high growth entrepreneur is the least known of all entrepreneurs. However, he should be on the top on everyone's A list. The high growth entrepreneur understands that if he works real hard, generates fast growing turnover with high profit margins, he will have an even greater lifestyle than the lifestyle entrepreneur. In my humble opinion the lifestyle entrepreneur thinks he is smart, whereas the high growth entrepreneur IS smart. He soon pops up on the radar of bigger investors. He soon has people wanting to invest large sums of cash in his business. He is soon selling his business or listing it. He has soon created enormous wealth for himself and the investors. He also created many new jobs and made a significant contribution to GDP in his country. And then quite likely he repeats the exercise again. An interesting factor is that often banks will not lend to these individuals because they consider them to be overtrading, but they are highly attractive to angel funders and venture capitalists.

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