Sunday, April 29, 2012

SMEs - why existing SMEs fail

I am sure to have a few people hating me after this blog. SMEs fail most of the time for one simple reason - the owners. The owners generally suffer from the negative side of one of their positive attributes - ego. Ego is essential for entrepreneurs because it drives them forward to greater things. The problem is that it often leads to arrogance and conceit. They do not need to plan, they do not need to read, they no longer need to work 18 hour days, they no longer can be told anything by anyone, and worst of all they can no longer accept their own fallibility. I am eternally amazed at how many people are in deep trouble in their businesses, but they still think their businesses are great and worth a fortune. The moment their businesses are in trouble they put them on the market - but they still represent great value!? I have personally had a number of lessons in humility, and I can recommend them. I have found that the locus of control issue is paramount. If any entrepreneur is unable to accept that any of the problems in the business are due to their own poor decision making, then they are due for a 'correction'. Every now and again I meet entrepreneurs such as Darlene, who cannot suck in the knowledge fast enough to satisfy her craving for improved business. Darlene is enthusiastic and desperate to learn, and I believe can only rise to the top. A star in the making. The economy would be a better place all around if there were more Darlene's.

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