Sunday, May 17, 2009

SMEs - Step 7 in the business planning process

The first six(6) steps are in essence, the corporate strategy of the firm. Step seven (7) onwards is the business strategy. This is the nuts and bolts, how it must be done strategy, in order to achieve the broader corporate strategy.

The second part of the business strategy, Step 7, is the setting of objectives. These are the specific items we wish to achieve in the current financial year. Objectives are distinguished by the fact that they have an expected completion date, and a measurable outcome. Ideally when setting objectives, the cost of achieving the objective must be measured against the value it will generate for the business, and if it shows a negative outcome, then it must be removed as an objective. Beware expending resources on objectives that add very little value to the firm.

Objectives must preferably be large, audacious and should generate a noticeably positive effect on the firm.

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